Women Are No Longer the Golddiggers We Used to Be

couple getting marriedKate Middleton and Prince William may be held up as the shining example of a 21st century fairy tale, but for the first time in history, women are falling away from the stereotype that they should be making like the Duchess and "marrying up." In fact, we're actually more likely to "marry down," says a new study from the Institute for Public Policy Research. What the heck does that mean anyway? Oh, well, we used to be more apt to marry guys who were more educated and wealthier than we were. But now, we're marrying men who are less educated and less moneyed than we are. Oooh, how wild, crazy, and progressive of us!

Is it just me or is this finding all sorts of twisted? It's like they're trying to fit a concept from the 19th century into modern times, and it just doesn't quite fit. Nor does it sit well to say that women are going for guys who are "beneath them."


Sure, unfortunately, class discrimination still exists. So do golddiggers (male and female). But at the same time, women overall are more educated and successful, plus our reasons for getting married have changed. In other words, the whole script this study seems to have been working with has been flipped.

So to make it like it's some huge finding that women aren't "marrying up" anymore sounds so antiquated, so backasswards. Big surprise we aren't! Rose Dewitt Bukater may have had to break it off with the guy she was supposed to marry for money, but 100 years later, most women are getting engaged to their Jack Dawsons in the first place. In other words, the guy we love, who we connect with mentally and emotionally -- be that an Ivy League doctor or trade school-trained woodworker. And we marry him, first and foremost, because we want to spend the rest of our lives with him. Not because we're seeking security (which we can provide for ourselves) or a snazzy new social status. Duh.

Seriously, what's next? Will they publish a study that says women are no longer tying the knot so that their parents can receive a dowry? Given this revelation, I wouldn't be surprised.

Do you think it's ridiculous to even discuss the idea of "marrying up" or "marrying down" at this point? Or is the concept still alive and well?

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