8 Sexting Rules to Avoid Starring Naked in Someone's 'Revenge Porn'

Hunter Moore, the founder of Is Anyone Up?, a website that posts "revenge porn," is rich because of women and men and their not-so-smart sexting decisions. When a couple breaks up, one person in the couple can ruin the other's life just by contacting Moore. Sure, he is an awful human being, but the fact that he has hundreds of people willing to share those photos is proof of something else: People are stupid about sexting.

It's not that we should never sext. Hell, I'll be honest and say I do it all the time. And had sexting been more prevalent 12 years ago, I may have been the one in college who did it, too (shudder). But now I am older and wiser (I hope) and I know that sending nude photos to someone isn't that bright.

Sure, it's tempting, right?


It's a fun way to spice up a work day and remind each other of one another when you are apart. But relationships end. And someone usually gets hurt.

Even if Hunter Moore didn't exist, there would be someone out there who would be willing to post nude photos. They sell well and they are very easy to procure.

There are a few ways to practice smart sexting if you must. The first and most obvious is: Don't sext someone who you plan to dump or cheat on. After that, there are some others:

  • Don't sext if you have been together less than a year.
  • Don't sext if you have your head in the photos (come on, people!).
  • Don't sext a man (or woman) you aren't in a relationship with.
  • Don't sext with any identifying details.
  • Don't ever send nude photos while under the influence.
  • Don't send complete nudes, just partials.
  • Don't let the recipient keep your sext. Watch him delete it.

These aren't going to keep completely protect you. It's better not to sext at all (are you listening to me my someday 15-year-old daughter?), but if you must, be smart about it. Seriously, people. Just seriously.

As for Hunter Moore? He is scum. But then we all already know that.

Did you ever regret a sext?


Image via Jhaymesiviphotography/Flickr

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