Bristol Palin Is Smart to Do a 'Trial Marriage' With Boyfriend

cohabitatingBristol Palin is growing up. The 21-year-old mother of one and former contestant on Dancing With the Stars now has her own reality show in the works, and a new boyfriend, to boot. The Lifetime network will film Bristol and boyfriend Gino Paoletti as they struggle with the daily ins and outs of living together in the home she bought last year. We all know that Bristol's made some questionable decisions when it comes to matters of the heart (Levi Johnston, anyone?) but it sounds like this "trial marriage," as some people are calling it, isn't such a bad idea after all.

Don't get me wrong, going on a reality show and putting your life, baby, and relationship out there for everyone to see is a TERRIBLE idea, but that aside, I think she's smart not to rush down the aisle with Gino.


Her first engagement went up in major flames, so Bristol's probably learned that waiting is better than hurrying. Well, I mean, she didn't learn the lesson entirely since she and her boyfriend are moving in together, but baby steps. She got one thing down -- a ring on your left hand is not only not a solution, it can cause a whole lot of other problems, as well. 

It's up for debate whether or not living together before getting married is good for a relationship -- there have been studies that say that cohabitating before saying "I do" is pretty much a relationship death wish -- but couples have to decide for themselves what they are and aren't ready for. Making a commitment to live together is certainly a big step, but it's not the biggest one. There's some real leeway when all you're sharing is a bed, and not a tax return.

We'll see, on TV, how this sitch works out for Bristol and her boyfriend. At least she can take comfort in the fact that it can't be any worse than her relationship with Levi, who, by the way, is expecting another child with another lady friend.

Do you think it's a good idea to live together before getting married?


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