The Secret to Keeping a Monster-in-Law From Sabotaging Your Marriage (VIDEO)

Kristin Chase with Andrea Syrtash on The Kristin Chase Show
Kristen Chase chats with Andrea Syrtash about MILs
Mother-in-law. Just the mere mention of the word is enough to send chills up many a wife's spine. The problem is that, all too often, our spouse's mama grows horns and becomes more monster-in-law than mother-in-law. Why oh why? I suspect it's a combo of things -- staking their territory, control freakiness, jealousy -- but across the board, a toxic relationship with your mother-in-law is bad news for any marriage. What a bummer.

Sassy mom blogger Kristen Chase tackles this topic on her new CafeMom Studios show on YouTube, sitting down with relationship expert Andrea Syrtash to hash out some solutions to women's biggest MIL gripes.


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Wow. Really gives you a thorough look at all the drama monsters-in-law are capable of stirring up. Ugh! But thankfully, it sounds like there are solutions out there. I love how Syrtash says that you gotta choose your own perspective and pick your battles. Because no matter how insane mothers-in-law can be, there's always something to be said for trying to have a positive attitude in the face of all that crazy. Like Kristen says, you gotta wear "rosy colored mother-in law-glasses!"

Sure, it's easier said than done, but those are definitely words to live by! In the end, as Syrtash puts it, "You can't control the chutzpah and the crazy way that your in-law is acting; you can only control how you react." Given how out-of-control things might get if most of us didn't at least try to follow her advice, we might as well give it a whirl ... (Even if we find ourselves pulling our hair out again sooner or later.)

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Can you relate to some of the MIL issues Kristen and Andrea address? How do you handle them?


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