Shocking Proposal at a Hockey Game Leads to Adorable Freak-Out (VIDEO)

capitals fans get engaged at game Spring may have come way early this year, but hockey season isn't over just yet. And do you know what happens when hockey season blurs into wedding season?? Apparently, lots of hockey fans get engaged ... at hockey games!

During the Washington Capitals v. Montreal Canadiens game his past Saturday, hockey-lovin' lovebirds Matt and Joanne were participating in the "Hat Trick Challenge" trivia game during the second intermission. They won, and then ... while the cameras were still rolling, Matt dropped onto one knee! Ooooh!

Check it out ...


Awwww, how adorable are they?! I especially love how shocked/flustered/elated/amazed/hysterical/weepy Joanne was. She was tooootally not expecting this, and she is over-the-moon happy. Clearly she isn't one of those ladies who poo-poos a sporting event proposal. (Hey, getting engaged in front of masses of people isn't for everyone.)

Is it just me, or does it seem like proposing at a hockey game is becoming a trend? At least this season. Wasn't it just the other week that a sweet Canadian couple, Alicia and Christina, got engaged on the ice at the Ottawa Senators-Toronto Maple Leafs game? Now, Matt goes and pops the Q to Joanne while the Capitals whipped the Canadiens! I'm telling you, something is going on here ...

And I have a couple of theories: Maybe saying "Will you marry me?" during a football game has become passe -- hockey's where it's at now! Or these folks being crazed hockey fans and wanting to infuse their engagement with the wild, exciting spirit of their fave sport? Yeah. Let's go with that. Either way, seeing a happy couple say "Yes!" to "I do!" is definitely a sweet way to break up the game.

Would you be happy with a proposal at a hockey game (or any type of sporting event)?


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