20 Signs He's Not Over His Ex

I don't know how many times I've heard "don't date a guy who's just broken up with someone." No one wants to be the rebound girl. Not only is it hard on YOU, it can be just as hard on him, as he's trying to heal from his breakup.

But sometimes, you find yourself breaking the rules, liking a guy who has just split up with his last partner, and you go with it. It feels right. So you do it.

Sometimes? It works out just fine -- the relationship between your partner and his ex was long over and the breakup was an inevitability. 

Other times, he clearly hasn't moved on. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious signs that he's not quite over his ex.


1) He still lists his relationship status as "In a relationship" or "It's complicated" on Facebook.

2) Her picture is everywhere -- including his computer screen saver. 

3) He compares her to you, and not always in your favor.

4) He's still got her programmed in his phone as "Girlfriend" (or similar pet names).

5) His parents refer to you as "The other one. You know, who's not [insert name of ex]."

6) They're always texting, Tweeting, IM-ing each other.

7) He throws celebrations in her honor. 

8) He can't stop complaining about her. 

9) He calls her first with any important news.

10) They still go to his parents' house for dinner a couple of times a month.

11) He's furious that she's dating someone new.

12) Every other comment on her Facebook wall is from him.

13) He's her go-to for help around the house, help programming the DVR, and any tech support needs she might have. 

14) He manages to bring her up in nearly every conversation.

15) His work friends don't know who you are, but they do know his ex.

16) When he mentions her, it's always about his love of or spite for her.

17) He saves all her texts -- from six months ago.

18) He hasn't introduced you to his friends.

19) He suggests that you make friends with her.

20) He slips up pretty often and calls you by her name.

What are some other signs he's not over his ex?

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