New Kissing Poster Is Perfect Since We All Avoid Human Contact Anyway (VIDEO)

kissing posterHuman interaction is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Back in the day, when you wanted to have a game night, you'd invite your friends over to play Scrabble or Pictionary. These days, we just ping our buddies on their cellphone and compete without saying a word, leaving our homes, or seeing anyone else. Society is now comprised of isolated people living separate lives together, which is why it's great that someone's developing a digital kissing poster. Since we no longer touch one another and only express our feelings within the available range of emoticons, I think this virtual kisser is right on time. Forget the legalization of gay marriage, we should start focusing on our rights to wed iPads because one kiss from these pixelated lips and you might be hooked for life.


Researchers and developers at Keio University have thought of everything -- there's a motion sensor to tell when you're leaning in for the smoocharoo that changes the girl's face from a smile to visage ready to be kissed. When you pull away, she giggles and blushes. Oh. My.

Believe it or not, they've already tested their product and the unabashed feedback is just pouring in. Users want her lips to taste like lemons and her hair to smell like shampoo. I suppose some scratch 'n' sniff screens exist because developers are working on making this dream a reality for some really emotionally-stunted people out there who can't wait to pucker up to an LCD display.

Lest you think the only senses covered were sight and smell, let me inform you that they're also working on getting the lady to whisper "I love you" after you make out.

That's not creepy. That's not creepy at all.

Watch the video to see this thing in action:

How crazy is this?


Photo via digifonews/YouTube

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