Paralyzed Man Dancing With His Wife for the First Time Is TRUE Love (VIDEO)

When two people marry, unless they write their own vows, they promise to love one another for better or worse and in sickness and in health, but as everyone knows, not everyone keeps those vows. We have hard times, we struggle, and many people just give up.

But not Janne Kouri. In 2006 he was an athletic, healthy young man who was left paralyzed from the neck down after hitting a sandbar while diving in the ocean. It was a devastating injury that may have forced many into depression and rage, but Kouri, with the help of his then-girlfriend, got hopeful instead. He married his wife, lived his life, and got serious about walking again.

Now, almost six years later, thanks to determination and a team of amazing doctors with cutting edge technology, Kouri was finally able to have his wedding dance a few years after his wedding. See below:


The therapy, called Locomotor Training, has helped Kouri to walk with a walker, move on a treadmill, and, eventually, stand and dance with his wife for the first time since his accident.

Even the ABC News people were in tears. How could you not be? Love like that -- unconditional, supportive, grateful -- is all too rare. How many women would stay with men in this situation? It's not common, which is unfortunate, but true. 

This is true and real love. It's supporting one another through everything, it's staying hopeful and helpful even when it feels hopeless, and it's keeping a positive outlook even when the odds are not at all in your favor.

It's not every day we get the chance to see love like that. It's inspiring and it's beautiful. It makes me want to be better in my own marriage.

How did the dance make you feel?


Image via ABCNews/YouTube

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