There’s a Reason Why Hot Shoes Are a Guy Magnet

StilettosYou know how you've got on a really hot pair of shoes? When a guy compliments you on them. I’m not even talking about really stylish, overly coiffed, metrosexual kind of guys. I’m talking about those dudes who look like they do a half-blind run through the aisles in hopes of getting their personal shopping experience over as soon as possible. (Like my boyfriend, for example. Bless his heart.) So if they notice the magnificence of your shoes, then you must have something super fierce on your feet.

More than anything, guys love us in stilettos. And I don't mind because I love stilettos, too. For different reasons, of course. I’m in awe of the colors, the little details, the designs that make them distinctively fabulous. They, on the other hand, are in awe simply by watching a woman delicately balance herself on a 4, 5, sometimes, if she’s real bad, 6 or 7-inch stem hoisting her up off the ground. 


(Bonus points for those of us who can run for cabs and chase after children in them.) 

Men can wear flats and sneakers themselves, but they’re mesmerized by the sexy sway of a woman in high heels. On my end, I love the way heels make me feel. There’s something instantaneously empowering and uplifting about sliding into a pair of stilettos. Flats are cute. Sneakers are hot. And may the good Lord rain a heap of special blessings upon the comfort-minded geniuses who invented flip-flops. I am admittedly a shoe fiend. I love them across the gamut—except Crocs, clogs, and Uggs or any knockoff derivative thereof—but don’t nothing but nothing accentuate our natural, inborn, get ‘em girl sex appeal like a pair of sky-high skinnies.

Slide a foot into them and they offer up an effortless boost of confidence and, unless you haven’t yet mastered the act of remaining vertically upright and walking in them, a stroll that commands attention. They’re towers of power. Platform optional. And I feel sexy whenever I put them on. I don’t know about working out in them, though. I like my ankles and spinal cord in tact, thanks just the same.

As an added bonus, through someone’s dogged and very important research, I’ve heard that heels not only make our legs look longer and sleeker, but they make our butts look like they’re sitting up higher and—this just in—they increase projection up to 25 percent. Even if you’re struggling to have some booty action, heels will plump and round your backside and perk up what Mother Nature didn’t dish out fairly. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Beyonce and Kim K. and a heap of other celebs would almost rather be caught without wigs and makeup than their stilettos. It’s no coincidence that the most notorious man-magnets are the ones always decked out in heels.

What kind of shoes make you feel sexy?

Image via muohace_dc/Flickr

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