Michelle Williams & Jason Segel Make Perfect 'Opposites Attract' Couple

michelle williamsPaula Abdul was right when she sang it ain't fiction, just a natural fact -- opposites really do attract. Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are rumored to be dating. The two were spotted leaving an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn looking all cuddly, then the next day Jason was seen playing with Michelle's daughter Matilda. Ooh la la.

The Oscar nominated actress famous for her meaty and dramatic roles in films like Blue Valentine and My Week with Marilyn seems to be an odd match for Jason, the fun-loving star of The Muppets and Saving Sarah Marshall, but it sounds like it's working. She's a little bit hipster, he's a little bit goofball, and I like it.


I'm always a fan of the unexpected, especially when it comes to looooove. These two will bring out the best in one another, just as any pair would who brings different interests to the table. Sure it's important to have things in common, but it's the things you don't share that can keep a relationship interesting.

When two open-minded people come together from opposite points of view, some serious sparks can fly. Sharing a love of learning is all you really need to make an "opposites attract" relationship work. He can walk you around a park and teach you about trees and birds and nature, and you can show him how to salsa dance and sail a boat. Or he can teach you about the lighter side of life, and you can teach him about 18th c. English literature. Whatever it is, as long as you're all-embracing of new experiences, dating someone who's a complete 180 from your personality can be a wonderful and rewarding experience.

 Have you ever been in an opposites attract relationship?


Photo via Splash News

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