We Get It, Katy Perry -- You're Totally Over Russell Brand

katy perryKaty Perry really doesn't give an eff lately, does she? She's gone and dyed her hair all blue; she's insulting Beyonce; and now she's tweeting pictures of herself and her new boyfriend -- the world's highest paid male model: Zoolander. Baptiste Giabiconi.

Well, technically he tweeted the photo. But she posed for the pic, and clearly this was something that was done with her permission. You don't post a pic of Katy Perry (when she's your alleged girlfriend) without asking. Yeah, it's a cute pic and it's fine that she's moving on and all, but still ... way to be insensitive, Perry.


The ink on Katy and Russell Brand's divorce papers is barely dry and here she is flaunting her new relationship in his face. Yeah, yeah, he's dating some model, also, but it's a little different -- in that he isn't uploading photos of himself and said girlfriend to the Internet for all (including Katy) to see.

New relationships are exciting. I know. We want to talk about the person non-stop; we come up with silly, little reasons to bring their name up; and of course, now in the age of Facebook and Twitter, we want to post pictures of ourselves basking in the glow of new relationship bliss. That's fine. Have at it. But it's a little bit different when, you know, you just got a divorce. It isn't just insensitive, it's a little bit tacky.

The photo of Katy and Baptiste (who, yes, is ridiculously hot) basically says that she couldn't care less about the feelings of her ex-husband -- and that she's been over him for a long time.

If she wants to enjoy her time with her new man, by all means, have at it. But maybe skip the whole tweeting pictures things. At least until it's been a year or so. Sheesh.

Do you think it's rude to flaunt photos of new relationships when your last one didn't end that long ago?

Image via Baptiste Giabconi/Twitter

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