6 Relationship Don'ts That Will Steer You Away From Splitsville

It seems like every other article out there boldly tells you what you SHOULD be doing in a relationship. That's great and all, but what about the should-NOTs? They're important too!

Here are a few key things you (probably) shouldn't do in a relationship


Ditch the ex talk. Sure, you have an ex and maybe he was a jerk to you -- but it's OVER. Your relationship with your ex is OVER. And as such, you don't need to keep bringing it up -- even if it is to say, "Hey, you're better than my ex."

Leave his (or her) family OUT of it. So his mom's a bitch. His sister is (kinda) a slut. His family dynamics are weird. SO WHAT? Tell your best friend, not your partner. 

Don't cheat. That goes without saying, right? RIGHT.

Don't assume he (or she) is going to be as interested as you are in watching 16 straight hours of Sex and the City marathons. You don't need to hide your interests, but you don't need to make him part of everything you do, either.

Don't let it fester. If you've got a beef with your partner, SPEAK UP. If you ignore it, it's going to fester and lead to resentment, which is a one-way ticket to break-up city.

Don't nag. He doesn't bother picking up his socks -- they form a roving colony next to his side of the bed. Isn't that annoying? It is. We know it. So tell him so without reminding him every other day to do it.

What other relationship don'ts can you think of?


Image via Denise Mayumi/Flickr

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