Wacky New Wedding Trend Will Have Couples Kicking Themselves Someday

couple elopingWedding trends come and go. You can look at a wedding photo from 1978 and know they probably did certain dances -- "The Hustle," anyone? -- or had huge wedding gowns with poofy sleeves and matching hair. Might be embarrassing for those brides now, but it's okay, they were just doing what was popular at the time. But when brides latching onto a hot 2012 trend look back at what they did, they probably shouldn't feel like it's okay. They should feel like damn FOOLS.

What I'm talking about is a new phenomenon known as "elaborate elopements," which The New York Times recently explored in great detail. Basically, couples are spending upwards of $100K to get married ... all by themselves! Because they believe they deserve to experience their Big Day in a big way -- without having to please other people, like, you know, family or friends.

Wow, let's try to wrap our heads around this.


Maybe I can relate ... After all, less than a month into planning my fiance's and my own Big Day, I am in the middle of wanting to strangle various family members who have already been insisting on making our wedding all about them. So, to a great extent, I feel these brides' and grooms' pain. They're thinking they have to spend the money to get married anyway -- why not do it up exactly the way they want to, wherever the hell they want to?

But wait, no! An "elaborate elopement" really is an asinine idea! Because, come on, first of all, hasn't the point of eloping always been to escape pressure to spend $175 on CHICKEN in an attempt to, yes, celebrate with, but also impress friends and family?? Doesn't it sort of defeat the purpose of saving when you're running away to ... well, spend? What's more, as Jezebel points out, it seems like the real impetus behind these pricey elopements has more to do with brides looking to spend their wedding dough to ... drum roll, please ... show off via social media! YES, you read that right. These brides just want to spend loads of dough on photography, so they can end up on high-end wedding blogs or get "liked" all over Pinterest and Facebook. As one bride put it, her big day was basically a "glorified photo shoot for the two of us." Uh ... whaaa??? Crazy!

It all just seems ... pointless and furthermore, soul-less. Yeah, a wedding is ultimately just about the bride and the groom and their love for one another and their vow, yada yada. But what's the point of dressing up and taking beautiful pictures if no one else you love is there to see it? To support you? To cheer you on? Isn't it just sad and superficial to throw money at a "glorified photo shoot" versus, oh, I don't know, dancing the night away with dear friends or being walked down the aisle by your dad?

Well, to each their own, but I have a feeling the couples who cough up tens of thousands of dollars to spend their wedding day all by themselves will probably come to regret it sooner or later.

Do you think "elaborate eloping" sounds totally crazy or actually kind of smart?

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