10 Reasons Not to Have Sex on the First Date

So you met this guy, right? And you went on a really awesome date. What better way to cap off a great night with a romp in the bedroom ... or not. Sometimes, having The Sex on the first date is just a bad idea.

Here's why.


1) Your sex number is already kinda high -- and if the guy's not gonna call you again, you don't want to have to own up to adding another one if it's just a one-night stand.

2) You don't want to be the village bicycle -- no girl wants to be the one "everyone rides." 

3) You didn't shave -- you thought it'd be a bum date.

4) You're wearing gigantic, stained granny-panties.

5) You discover that he has *gasp* a micro penis. 

6) There's an awesome Sex and the City marathon that night and you want to hang out in front of the TV in your bathrobe.

7) Because your roommate is at home, and you don't want that slut throwing herself all over him while you're trying to invent an excuse to go do the dirty.

8) You're recovering from a Brazilian wax gone horribly awry -- and the whole crotchal region is red, swollen, and painful.

9) You MAY have had sex with his roommate at a drunken party back in '03 and you don't want them comparing notes.

10) You saw him scratching his crotch more than four times, which makes you wonder what he's got going on down there.

What other silly reasons can you think of for not having sex on the first date?

Image via daniel n. reid/Flickr

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