Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Can't Hide Any Longer (VIDEO)

bella and edward twilightRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to be loving the fact that they're Hollywood's most elusive/chill "we've never confirmed we are a couple" couple. I almost get the impression they're snickering behind all of our backs, like, "Oh ha ha, we've totally gotten away without confirming anything, they can think what they like, and we get our privacy!" I mean, how can you not think that when you read something like the details of their date night this past weekend?

Apparently, they were seen in Hollywood attending a Marcus Foster concert, and certain eyeballs on the scene are reporting that KStew and RPatz got a little lovey in public. Wait for it ... there were ... forehead kisses! Awww ... 


Wow. Geeze. Stop the presses everyone, right? Small step for most couples, major step for Twi-Hard kind. Because these two aren't much for PDA, so when there's any action at all -- like say, these forehead kisses, or Rob's arms around Kristen while they sway to the music -- it's a serious, lightbulbs flashing, Twitter abuzz, international news event.

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And okay, I realize they dig their privacy, and that's why they're not all over each other in public or making their relationship "official" with the press. But at the same time, it's like, come on, y'all. We know you're together. Loosen up a bit!

Everyone loves them as a pair, thinks they're adorable, cheers for them to get hitched some day. (Yes, even you Team Edward, you know you think they're adorable ...) It's not the end of the world if people see them get a little mushy from time to time, hold hands, peck on the lips, etc. In fact, ducking and hiding their love away all the time probably just makes them even more wanted as paparazzi targets. So I say pilin' on the PDA would be a win-win!

Here's a video from a ways back that documents just how evasive they've always been as a couple, aka proof that it's enough already!


What do you think -- should Rob and Kristen lighten up and feel more comfortable being affectionate in public?

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