Woman Who Canceled Wedding for Her Lizard Will Make a Great Wife

The wedding industry is out of control and half the brides out there (a made up figure) are probably getting married for the wrong reasons. This probably explains the high divorce rate. The fact is, if you go into a marriage hyper focused on the wedding and not on the love and the marriage itself, you are bound for misery.

Women, even more than men, it seems, get sucked into the wedding hype, which is why when you hear a story about a woman who sacrificed her wedding to pay for her lizard's chemo, you must stand up and take notice. Maybe you live in a more lizard laden world than I do, but to me, this is pretty unusual and bad ass. It bodes well for her as a wife if she loves "George" more than she loves her wedding plans.


Marriage isn't about the white dress or the fancy menu or the lobster bisque or the Jimmy Choos or the ring. It's about love. It's about family. It's about spending your life with one person and, quite frankly, if it's not OK with a bride to get married in a paper bag holding nothing more fancy than a plastic ring, then she probably shouldn't get married at all.

Sure we all want the perfect wedding in the perfect place with the perfect sunset. But it's so much more meaningful and important to focus on what happens after. The wedding is one day. The love is forever.

There is nothing worse than a bride-zilla, wedding obsessed mean girl who thinks the world and everyone in it revolves around her "big day." That doesn't bode well for happiness. In fact, at my wedding, one woman pulled me aside to remind me that I was a "f*)*)ing princess" and could do whatever I wanted. Needless to say, she and I aren't close.

Brides aren't "princesses." They are people who found love and who should cherish that love whether they have the money for a wedding or not. Sometimes the most beautiful weddings hide the biggest lies.

I say a woman who chooses love (of lizard or man) over a big party is the kind of woman who will make an amazing wife.

Did you think your wedding was the be-all, end-all?


Image via touterse/Flickr

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