A Fancy Wedding Isn't Worth a Jail Sentence

match flame arsonI confess: As a bride-to-be, one thing I'm worrying about right now is discord among guests attending my fiance's and my wedding next year. Sometimes it seems inevitable, but hopefully -- fingers crossed -- nothing happens that's even close to a recent story out of the U.K. A hotheaded groom, Max Kay, lost his cool (literally) and burned down his wedding venue! Now, he has been sentenced to six years for arson that inflicted $8.5 million of damage to the castle hotel where he was getting his post-nuptial partying on. Crazy!!

So, 'course this begs the question ... What on EARTH set the guy off? Surprise, surprise -- the bill! Kay told the judge at his trial that he could "nowhere near afford" the $40K party he threw for 200 guests, and when he saw the grand total, he flipped.


Apparently, he had also declared bankruptcy prior to committing to the fancypants wedding. Geeze, this just speaks volumes about the problem with weddings these days.

Although, $40K wouldn't even cover the average wedding in NYC these days, so hey! Kay was actually getting a pretty good deal! I kid, I kid. In truth, this incident is a totally scary illustrated example of how out of control the "wedding industrial complex" is. The idea that you have to go into mounds of debt for a dream wedding is ludicrous ... and, uh, obviously dangerous! It's basically, on a much smaller scale, a version of how we got ourselves into this economic mess -- by telling ourselves again and again, "We deserve ... (Forget that we can't afford.)"

It's actually really sad, because who wants to begin a marriage saddled with debt or having to declare bankruptcy or geeze ... having to go to jail because you burned down your wedding venue after you saw the bill?!? Obviously, Kay's situation is an extreme one, but it should make the rest of us think. Do we really need that ice sculpture for an upcharge? Extra fancy linens for the tables? Sky-high flowers for centerpieces? I feel like all of the extras and even some of the basics can add up so fast. And for what?

Hey, if you can actually afford all the bells and whistles, cool! If not, though, be forewarned: Don't end up like this guy. He won't even be sharing a life with his new wife 'til 2018!

What do you make of this firecracker groom and his over-the-top wedding?!

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