7 Telltale Signs Your Guy Is Cheating

You have your suspicions. You're pretty sure SOMETHING is up with your man. You've asked him about it, but the answer you've gotten isn't making you feel any better or more secure in your relationship. So what now?

You look for signs that your partner is being unfaithful. Here are some of the major signs of infidelity. Take them with a grain of salt, though, as they can mean many, many other things besides cheating.


He's suddenly very consumed by work. Business trips keep popping up outta nowhere, overtime has gone from a "sometimes" thing to something that happens every other night. There's always SOME (valid-sounding) reason he's been spending extra time outside the home.

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Out of nowhere, he begins to care about his appearance. Rather than simply throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, he's now spending more time in the bathroom than you! He's shaving regularly, hitting the gym, paying attention to his wardrobe -- and that may be a sign that he's involved with someone else.

He can't part ways with his cellphone or his iPad. Rather than leaving it on the bedside table like he used to, he's going to great pains to take it everywhere he goes -- including the bathroom and the shower. Why? Maybe he's trying to be more on top of things. Or maybe he's hiding some racy texts or emails from his lover.

He has unexplained bruises on his neck and/or chest. If he's going to great lengths to hide a particular part of his body (wearing a turtleneck in 90-degree weather or refusing to take off his shirt in front of you), there's a strong possibility he's got something he's trying to hide.

He's changed his sexual behaviors. Could be that he's gone from never wanting to have sex to being an overly charged sex machine. Or the opposite -- he's gone from being a sex machine to not wanting anything to do with you in the bedroom. Either way, it's a deviation from the norm -- and it's a sign that something might be hinky.

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He's lying -- a lot. Most couples tell each other little white lies now and again: "You look great in those white short-shorts," or "No, I haven't noticed that you'd put on weight." But when almost every other thing that comes out of your partner's mouth is a lie? He's hiding something. Or someONE.

He's suddenly singing the praises of someone else. In fact, he can't STOP gushing about the person. Maybe it's a coworker or an old friend, but you can tell by the way he's talking that he's REALLY excited about her.

What are some of the other signs of infidelity?

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