Tim Tebow Shouldn't Make a Play for a Girl Who Doesn't Share His Beliefs

Tim TebowThe minute I read that Tim Tebow's latest conquest could possibly be Glee's Dianna Agron, I was incredibly befuddled. Not because it seems like every week the media is dishing that the Denver Broncos New York Jets player has a new romantic interest. But because as much as the guy makes sense with Taylor Swift, he does NOT make sense with Dianna Agron. See -- little known fact here -- Agron is a Nice Jewish Girl!

I know -- she plays very much Christian, cross-wearing Quinn Fabray, but in real life, she lights the menorah like Rachel Berry. Like many American Jews (and yours truly), her ancestors came here from Russia. She is even a bat mitzvah and has commented on being a practicing -- and, unfortunately, once chastised -- Jew. That said, I'm sure she and Tim could be friends ... But given that the entire world knows how excited he is about Jesus, I'm not seeing sparks flying between these two.


Don't get me wrong. I cheer for people who meet, fall in love, realize they come from completely different religious backgrounds, and find a way to make it work. I know it happens often; I have seen Fiddler on the Roof many, many times. Jewish girls do fall for Catholic guys and, I'm sure, even Evangelical guys from time to time. And vice-versa. People convert or co-exist happily enjoying parts of two religions.

But I have a theory that if both people feel strongly about their religion -- as it seems Dianna and Tim both do -- and aren't willing to bend on biggies (like how to raise kids), their beliefs will be a HUGE sticking point

Before meeting my Jewish fiance, I dated Italian-Catholic guys, Irish-Catholic guys, a Hindu-turned-Atheist guy, crushed on Greek Orthodox guys, and guys who really seemed like they couldn't care less about religion ... for the time being. But I knew that if we were to make it as a long-term couple, inevitably, the question of religion would come up. If we didn't see eye-to-eye on that, it could be a MAJOR problem.

I realized my background and beliefs were too important to me to compromise on, so I joined JDate and pretty much dated Jewish guys exclusively. And believe me -- that wasn't always the solution, either! Even if you both call yourselves Jews (or Christians or Buddhists), there are varying levels of worship and commitment. I went out with a couple of Conservative/Orthodox Jewish guys with whom I clashed on account of my Reform background. And even now, with my fiance, I know I might be a bit more interested in attending certain services than he is (at least right now), but we're close enough in our belief system that it works out nicely. I can rest assured we're never going to disagree about some of the biggies -- like having a rabbi marry us or having our kids bar or bat mitzvahed.

That said, anything can happen in the name of love. Dianna could renounce her beliefs, Tim Tebow could renounce his (!?). They could get together and try to raise a family that's half-Jewish, half-evangelical Christian! (Though, I would guess there's probably too much clashing ideology between those two religions for that to really work ...) In the end, though, seems to me they'd both be better off finding partners who are on the same page religion-wise. Come on, Tim, get with it and go out with Taylor.

Was it important to you to find someone with similar religious beliefs? Do you agree that two people who are passionate about their very different religious beliefs might struggle in a relationship?


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