Kate Hudson Isn't Married, Says Her Mom (And She Should Stay That Way)

kate hudson marriedKate Hudson may or may not be secretly or not secretly married to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. The couple got engaged last April and had a son, Bingham, who was born in July, but as far as we know, the two never officially tied the knot. As it turns out, however, they might have already said their "I do"s. Kate's mom Goldie Hawn sort of spilled some beans over the weekend when she told the London Evening Standard that her "daughter married an English rocker ..." leading most of us to believe that Kate and Matthew had become husband and wife while no one was looking.

Goldie tried to take the foot out of her mouth by "clarifying" on Twitter that her daughter is not, in fact, married, but no one knows what to think now. But if I know Kate like I pretend to (I dream she's my bestie and we sing Fleetwood Mac songs at karaoke together), then there's no way in heck she got hitched.


Well, I hope not, anyway. I want her to follow in her mother's footsteps and forgo the whole "marriage" thing and instead opt for a life-long commitment without a binding contract. There's so much I admire about Goldie and Kurt Russell's relationship and I only want my Kate to be just as happy as her mom.

I admire that Goldie and Kurt choose to be together every day. Walking away from someone when you're not married is very easy -- there aren't any assets to divide, there aren't any lawyers to call, there aren't any papers to sign -- so when you stay, when you don't walk away from the relationship you're not legally bound to, it's somehow more meaningful. I'd go as far as to say it's more romantic to be single and together than married and together. To me, it's about choice over obligation. And continually choosing to be with one another is pretty sexy.

When Kate and I work on our harmonies to "Silver Spoon", I'll be sure to mention my opinion on the subject of marriage. I'm sure she'll be more than interested in her best friend's thoughts. Right, Kate? Right?! Call me!

Do you think you could be with someone forever without getting married?


Photo via Ashley Cooper/Flickr

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