Here's Why Men Find Powerful Women Totally Irresistible

Gone are the days when men longed for the Good Little Wife to stay at home, all meek and mild, raising the children while they went out to earn the bacon. Today's men have grown up with liberated mothers, they've been informed that men and women can both be powerful, and they've learned to like it.

But why the shift? Here are some reasons that today's men love powerful women and have a hard time resisting them.


Men like women who think for themselves. If a marriage or relationship is supposed to be a partnership, then both parties must be equal. To be equal, both members of a couple must be able to think for themselves, not just submit to what the other wants.

That's not to say there's no compromise involved – all relationships involve compromise – but men love women who are independent-minded thinkers. It makes for a much more interesting partnership.

Ambition is a huge turn-on for most men. Women who want what they want and don't let anything get in their way turn most men on. Knowing that a woman can be ruthless, cunning, smart, and relentless makes men weak in the knees. Why? They're not afraid to make difficult choices.

Powerful women don't beat around the proverbial bush. They don't let men “guess” as to what they want in life. Powerful women say what they want directly, to the point and without fear of the consequences. Men don't enjoy games – they enjoy knowing upfront what their partner is all about.

Why do YOU think men like powerful women?


Image via stevensnodgrass/Flickr

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