Single Mom Gives Up on Love & Marries Herself

One divorced single mom from North Dakota wasn't taking any chances on waiting for the right person to come along to get married again, which is why she decided to go an nontraditional route -- and marry herself!

Apparently a friend suggested that she quit waiting on someone to come along to make her happy and just pledge to commit her life to herself, and she obviously took those words seriously. She even held a wedding ceremony -- and recited vows to herself in front of family and friends. Some of them (including her 11-year-old son) thought she was taking things a bit too far, but I think it's safe to say that plenty of women will find her story empowering and pretty inspirational. Who says you need a man to be happy?


And who says you can't throw yourself a party to celebrate your independence? Since this woman had already been through one marriage and a divorce, it makes sense that she has a profound appreciation for being strong, confident, and independent. Not everyone would have the guts to stand up in front of a room of people and profess eternal single-hood (or something to that effect), so she should be applauded for sticking to her guns.

Of course, I'm guessing that this "wedding" was more of an affirmation of contentment than an actual expectation for others to see her as truly "married to herself." I think that she was just trying to make it clear that she is happy with her life the way it is, and that she doesn't necessarily need to share it with another person in order to be satisfied and fulfilled.

Honestly, all of us should see this story as a source of inspiration to draw happiness from inside ourselves instead of depending on other people to make us feel whole. Who doesn't need that kind of reminder from time to time?

Do you think this woman's story is empowering, or embarrassing?


Image via PeterJBellis/Flickr

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