Exercise Orgasms Are a New Reason to Hit the Gym

orgasm at the gymGoing to the gym can be pretty monotonous. The waiting for the treadmill, the permeating scent of a thick fog of sweat, the stupid guys who insist on growling like wild animals when they weight lift ... not a lot about the experience is glamorous or soothing. But that all might be changing. There's now scientific proof that working out can cause female orgasms. Clearly, you and I have been missing out.

The research suggests that exercise-induced orgasms are most likely to occur when women are doing core workouts, when they're climbing ropes or poles, biking, or weight lifting. So ... see you at the gym? BYO dumbbells?


In all honesty, though, even though it sounds sort of nice to experience an orgasm kind of for free, like without any work and as a total surprise, it also sounds borderline terrifying. The study went on to reveal that 20 percent of women who have these sudden workout, uh, explosions didn't even see it coming. (Pun intended.) The pleasure train just hit them in the middle of their workout routine even though they weren't fantasizing about sex or thinking about anything sexy whatsoever.

So basically, you could just be there, doing your crunches, thinking about what flavor of Lean Cuisine you're going to fire up for dinner, then boom: Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight. Like I said, kinda of awesome, kind of awks.

But if you're one of the lucky/unlucky ones who've climaxed while getting your sweat on at the gymnasium, hopefully you'll find comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Well, you probably already felt a little better when George Clooney admitted to having his first orgasm while climbing a rope in gym class, but still. More evidence that a coital response at the gym is a semi-common thing that happens to people every now and again is never a bad thing.

Fact is, it makes the gym seem a little more interesting. Workouts just took on a whooooole new purpose.

Can you relate to this new study?


Photo via tableatny/Flickr

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