Gillian Anderson's 'Lesbian Past' Shouldn't Shock Us

gillian andersonGillian Anderson of X-Files fame has "come out" in Out magazine. Sort of. She says that she's had numerous relationships with women, and the first time was when she was still in high school. As Out's Editor-in-Chief Aaron Hicklin notes, Anderson's lesbian loves "have been the exception, not the rule." Ultimately, she decided she liked guys more, married one, had kiddos, etc. 

So, the woman did some experimenting with same-sex love when she was a lot younger. Not to diminish those experiences, but how exactly is this newsworthy or special? And what does it really matter, because, I hate to break it to some of you uptight-niks, but when it comes to sexual orientation, there's a lot of wiggle room.


Back in the '50s, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey came up with the Kinsey scale. He even found that a good number of men and women aged 20-35 years old were "equal parts heterosexual and homosexual," which I guess you could say is bisexual? And that was back in the repressed '50s, pre-sexual revolution. So I'm sure with people feeling more comfortable with their innate desires, those numbers have only gone up.

When it comes to sex, no one should feel like they have to fit a lifetime of it in a confining box. Sure, we might identify as straight or gay, but love and sex are deeply personal, individual experiences for all of us. Everyone experiments -- or should -- with whatever turns them on or they think might turn them on, be that a same-sex partner, toys, exhibitionism, etc. 

What Gillian confessed to is nothing exactly earth-shattering. She's only discussing something personal about her sexual past. Hopefully, that will shine some light on how complex and unique everyone's sexuality is, instead of simply winning her the label of "once lesbian."

Are you surprised by Gillian's confession?


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