Jon Hamm Steps Up As Spokesperson for Outdoor Sex Haters Club

Jon Hamm is a seriously sexy actor who most women would have sex with in a boat, on a moat, on a train or in a plane. For those not getting the Dr. Seuss reference, the bottom line is this: Most women would like some time alone with Jon Hamm and his hot body. Luckily, anyone who does get that time will be spending it indoors. Because Jon Hamm does not like outdoor sex.

In an interview, Hamm said he does not enjoy outdoor sex and you know what? AMEN!!!  I am so glad someone said it. In the early days of sex, most people are all about the bucket list. And yes, outdoor sex is one of them.

But by the time you are in your late 20's or 30's, outdoor sex kind of loses its appeal. Hamm said:


It's been awhile. In the era of TMZ, I don't think outdoor sex is a particularly good idea. It's one of those things that sound way better than they actually are. There's something not sexy about all the twigs and bugs and sand. You end up with stuff in places you don't want it. It always looks better in the well-lit Skinemax version.

Exactly. As a woman who has been married almost a decade, I know we have to spice things up and sure, we take it out of the bedroom (who doesn't?) but I am too old for sex on a beach, which was barely even hot when I was 23.

Outdoor sex is just not all it is cracked up to be. There are bugs and rocks and dirt and sand and never mind the danger of getting caught. While I understand that some people find that hot, most of us are pretty skeeved by the idea and don't want poison ivy where the sun don't shine, thank you very much.

We are not prudes for not liking sex outside. We are simply people who enjoy our sex in clean places free of bugs and God only knows what else.

Thank you Mr. Hamm for telling the truth and shedding some light on his vexing matter. I'll take my sex hot and spicy -- and indoors.

Do you like outside sex?



Image via AMC

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