Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli's Marriage Fell Apart Right Before Our Eyes

peter facinelli jennie garthThis latest Hollywood split between Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth and Dr. Cullen Peter Facinelli is soul-crushing. But look -- we should have seen it coming. In fact, we could have very easily seen it coming. The signs were there way back in November when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 premiered. 

Remember? Peter showed up to the premiere sans wife. He brought daughter Luca Bella along instead, and that's sweet and all, and maybe Jennie had her reasons for staying home or maybe she was out of town filming something. But anyhoo, Peter didn't look like he even needed his wife around to help him get all dressed up and primed to hit the red carpet. Oh no. Somehow, even without her around, he was looking extra put-together and totally hot.



We should have known right then and there that their divorce was imminent. Sigh.

Because, like JoAnn From Bensonhurst has said, you don't want your man looking too good, you know? As in, 100x better than he looks on a regular basis. Unless he's hitting the red carpet -- which, of course was the case for Facinelli, but he also looked way hotter than usual -- it's suspicious! You know men only really tend to dress up when they want to impress! It is a big, in-your-face clue that he's probably Ken-dollin' himself up for another broad. Otherwise, he'd totally be going with the T-shirt and jeans look or whatever other every day "uniform" he feels comfortable in.

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Now, I'm not advocating couples ever allow themselves to fall into utter slob-dom slumps. In fact, making a point to be attractive for one another is a must. But there's something to be said for being comfortable hanging around the house in a sweatshirt and yoga pants, makeup- or perfume-less, wearing scuzzy jeans, or walking around topless or pantsless after a long day of work. Once you get to that point, and you still find one another sexy, you can pretty much guarantee you're in it for the long-haul. Oh, and that you don't have any real competition.

There is buzz that Peter might have had a wandering eye while on the set of Twilight. Who knows if it's true, but seems like the "dressed up to impress" theory would fit right in with those rumors.

Do you think it's a sign a man might be cheating or have a wandering eye if he is looking better than usual?

Image via Russ Einhorn/Splash News

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