Bobbi Kristina & 'Adopted Brother' Shouldn't Have to Hide Their Love

bobbi kristina's twitter photo of nick gordon and whitney houstonWhen news broke that Bobbi Kristina Brown had been spending a lot of time with her "adopted brother" Nick Gordon, I had a psychic premonition right away that there was more to their relationship than a tight "sibling" bond. Then, reports came out that they were spied making out in a Target parking lot! Hrmmm ... Well, if they are indeed dating, it really is not as sketchy as it seems.

According to a source that spoke with E! News, Bobbi K and Nick met when they were younger, and Nick was going to enlist in the Army after high school to escape his family problems. The source shares that Bobbi Kristina told Whitney about Nick's plan and said she didn't want him to go, and Whitney agreed to take Nick in as her own. Since then, he sort of became the "man of the house," because Bobby Brown was never really around.

So ... what's wrong with that? 


What it sounds like to me is that perhaps Bobbi K and Nick were more than friends to begin with, he had family issues, and it's basically like Whitney took in her daughter's boyfriend, no? I've heard of plenty of similar situations.

But even when step-siblings fall for one another, is it really that taboo? I mean, I guess it depends on how they grew up ... If they were basically raised as siblings from the get-go, that's a bit weirder, but it could just be that their parents married later on -- a Clueless situation, if you will (and who didn't root for Cher and Josh?! "OMG, I love Josh!"). And if that's the case, so what? In the end, as long as two people aren't related by blood, I would think a relationship should be 99.9 percent skeeve-free!

And as far as Bobbi K is concerned, all that anyone should really care about is whether or not she's getting through this extremely emotional time in a healthy way. If leaning on Nick is helping her do that, we should be all for it.

What do you think about Bobbi Kristina potentially dating her "big brudder"?


Image via Twitter/Splash News

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