5 Extremely Valuable Dating Tips From Men

Dating can be kind of mystifying -- it's so hard to know how to do it right. Everywhere you turn, it's "we promise you'll meet the man of your dreams," and "the TRUE dating secrets revealed." Everyone wants to tell you what to do.

But, if you're not listening to the right group of people, you're bound to get it all wrong. The "right people"? MEN.

So here are some dating tips from men for women.


Be honest. No, really, men mean it when they say it. Sure, there's a time to sugarcoat a bitter pill, but most of the time? Men prefer it when women say what they mean -- and mean what they say.

Be upfront about yourself. You want kids? Okay. You don't? Okay. You want to get married someday? Okay. But men prefer to know things about you upfront rather than have to play the guessing game later.

If you dress provocatively, you're not going to pick up a nice guy. You don't have to do it up all Little House on the Prairie style, but if you're one gust of wind away from a "wardrobe malfunction," you're doing it wrong.

You're not going to change him, Girlfriend. If you don't like his habits, his hygiene, his friends, his family, or his style, let him go. It's absolutely absurd to assume that someone else should change his ways for you. He shouldn't have to change for you. Likewise, you shouldn't have to change for him.

If a dude only wants you for sex -- not dating or talking -- remember that there are guys out there that would love to have a meaningful discussion with you. They'd love to date you, not just have sex with you. So ditch The Player, Sister, and move onto better pastures.

What other dating advice do you have?


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