Demi Moore Needs to Stop Obsessing Over Whether or Not Ashton Calls

Demi MooreDemi Moore's friends are concerned for her. Not because of her weight loss. Not because of any (alleged) addictions to Red Bull and/or whip-its. Because they fear she's still obsessed with Ashton Kutcher -- and I don't need to tell you, that's not a good thing.

A "friend" of the 49-year-old actress told Grazia magazine, "Demi definitely isn’t over him yet. Her mood right now relies solely on Ashton and how responsive he is to her messages and phone calls. If he doesn’t message her back for a couple of hours or seems distant in a text, she starts freaking out. While she won’t admit it, she is still completely infatuated with him, and it’s clear she wants him back.”

Uh-oh. If this is true, not only does Demi need to get over Ashton stat, she needs to stop committing the cardinal relationship no-no she's guilty of.


Look, we've all been there before. We're more into a certain person than they're into us. And we obsess. Our moods depend on whether or not they call us back, or, hell, if they even call us at all. It sucks -- specially since no one wants to be "that person" -- but it's one of those things that just winds up happening. And we don't even know how.

Here's the thing, though -- and, trust me, I realize this is much easier said than done -- we cannot control other people. Not our friends, not our colleagues, and especially not our love interests. They're going to do what they do want, and that is just that. Letting someone else's actions be the deciding factor in whether or not we're happy is totally pointless, and it's a sure way to be driven mad.

Like I said, we've all been there before -- obviously, me included. I can say from experience that it's a really crappy position to be in, and not the easiest of habits to break. But once you realize that under no circumstances can you control another person's actions, or lack thereof, it's like a giant weight has been lifted. 'Cause you're free. Free of their (and your) idiocy.

Have you ever obsessed over someone? It sucks, right?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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