3 of the Best Sex Myths -- Debunked!

There are a TON of myths about sex and sexuality.

Sex myths happen because people who don't know any better pass on half-right information as total fact. Or they make them up to sound smarter. Plus, many "sex experts" (sexperts?) contradict each other. So it's not surprising that so many untruths about sex exist.

Here are some popular sex myths, decoded.


1. Size matters. Men are always either touting the size of their penis or worried about it. Why just this morning, I woke up to 10 new spam messages that promise to "increase my girth" to "make her scream." Somehow, the spammers think I actually HAVE a penis. But the myth, of course, is that the bigger the penis, the better the lover. WRONG.

The truth? Unless you have a medical condition called "micro-penis," you're fine just the way you are. In fact, sometimes a larger member can cause PAIN to a woman. So guys, stop sweating too much about the size of your penis. Just make sure you're excellent at other bedroom activities -- like oral sex.

2. Sex during a period is "safe sex." There's a popular sex misconception around having sex during a woman's period: If you do it, you can't get pregnant ... right? WRONG.

MOST women who ovulate on a regular cycle won't get pregnant during their period. However, as sperm cells can live in the vagina for up to eight days, and eggs survive for three, it stands to reason that one CAN get pregnant during her period. This is especially true for women who have irregular menstrual cycles.

3. "Pulling Out and Praying" is a decent form of birth control. Without a load of semen, a woman can't get knocked up ... right? WRONG. Here's why:

Even if a man is able to pull out quickly enough to not ejaculate inside his partner, he has released "preseminal fluid," which, most people don't know, actually contains sperm cells. This preseminal fluid is released well before orgasm and can easily knock a woman up.

What are some other sex myths you know to be wrong?


Image via Zigazou76/Flickr

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