81-Year-Old Man Who Saved Wife From Fire Was Just Doing His Job (VIDEO)

senior man and woman holding handsAn 81-year-old man in Missouri named Jim Hodkins and his wife, Bertha, are alive after escaping a fire that engulfed their home. They're probably feeling pretty lucky about that, but I'd bet they're also feeling incredibly happy to have one another. When Jim escaped the burning house, he had to do so through a second story window he broke open. The stairs were on fire, so he couldn't get downstairs to check on Bertha, who happens to have Alzheimer's disease. So he jumped from the second story of their house to the ground!

Poor Jim ended up breaking his leg, but that didn't stop him from crawling back inside of the home to rescue his wife. Wow, right? Of course, the initial reaction we all have is, "OMG!" Then, "Wow, now that's love." And yeah, it is. But come on ... he was also doing what he is supposed to!


Maybe I'm spoiled, because my fiance is really great in emergencies, but I feel like what Jim did is what any good husband or wife would do if they were in that situation. Being married and, perhaps furthermore, being in love is to a great extent about self-sacrifice. Putting your partner before yourself, their well-being and happiness ahead of your own, right? Not necessarily 24/7/365, but you do your best to not be a selfish jerk when you're with the love of your life. And there are many instances where that commitment is tested by tough times. This was one of those times for Jim and Bertha.

Despite his injury, he mustered up the strength to save his wife. It seems like there wasn't even a question in his mind that it was the right thing to do. He just did it. That is true love, and that is something worth cooing about, but all I'm saying is ... why shouldn't we expect as much from our partners?

Thank goodness both Jim and Bertha made it out a-okay ... much in part to their love for one another. Let's say it again: Awww!  Here's a local news story on the incident ... 


Do you assume your partner would do something like this for you?


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