The Real Reason Katy Perry Should Beware of Romance With French Model

katy perry with possible new boyfriend Baptiste Giabiconi
Katy Perry with rumored new BF and Karl Lagerfeld
That was fast! Although Katy Perry and ex Russell Brand only broke their marriage off in December, it looks like both parties have moved on. While Russell's been spied with Mexican painter Oriela Medellin Amieiro, more eyes are on Katy, who has been  in Paris for Fashion Week and reportedly cozying up to French model and Karl Lagerfeld "muse" Baptiste Giabiconi. An onlooker quoted in The Sun said, "They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love ... They were really flirting." Wow!

If the two are actually hooking up, it's a bit ... eerie. Because it wasn't all that long ago -- 14 months to be exact -- that Baptiste was quoted saying, "If I could make her divorce her husband, I'd marry her." Now that's a confident guy! Maybe psychic, too ... or he just had a serious celeb crush on Katy. Well, as sweet as that may sound, it could also be reason for worry ...


It's great if Baptiste really does adore Katy the way it sounds like he does. At the very least, he finds her HELLA attractive. But if I were to give Katy a little BFF-ish advice, it would definitely involve these two words: "Be cautious."

Because she might be falling into a trap a lot of women fall into. A lot of us go out with a guy we aren't really all that wild about, because he adores us, showers us with attention, and has us on a pedestal. We think, "Well, hmm, he's so sweet, and he seems to think I'm Megan Fox/Jennifer Aniston/Natalie Portman rolled into one! Gee, maybe I could learn to feel the same way." But noooo. It doesn't work that way! That would be like if, in Pretty in Pink, Andie had ended up with Duckie. No, sorry. Andie had to end up with Blane (nevermind his weird '80s hair).

I'm not saying you necesarily have to feel the chemistry off the bat, but talking yourself into falling for someone just because they think you're a goddess is a bad idea. Because inevitably, the rose-colored glasses will come off. He'll overhear you on the phone with your mom swearing like a sailor or realize you don't smell like rain and buttercream frosting or whatever 24/7/365, and suddenly, you're not on that pedestal anymore. As soon as you show your true human colors, his "dream girl" image falls apart. And if that's what he fell for in the first place, and you fell for him because he had fallen for something that isn't even real, oh man ... See how it's a house of cards?

Bottom-line: I've always felt like the secret to lasting love is having a guy who adores you who you adore just as much. And most importantly, for who you are. Not for who you appear to be.

What do you think about this possible new romance? Have you ever gone out with someone just because he was crazy about you (even if you weren't crazy about him)?


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