The 5 Very Best Sexy Songs

There's very little that can get me in the mood for sexy time quite like music. But choosing what songs to have sex to is a pretty subjective thing -- I mean, one song may turn YOU on while it makes others want to heave into their shoes.

Nevertheless, I'm going to try and help you find the best songs to have sex to.

Here's my list of the sexiest songs out there.


"Get Off" by Prince. It's a song about a one-night stand that is oh-so-dirty. With lyrics like, "What she told me then got me so hot, I knew that we could slide," it doesn't matter whether you're having a one-night stand or a long-term relationship. Still oh-so-dirty.

"Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard. So what if hair bands are out of style now? This is an iconic song to do a striptease to for just the right guy. Makes me want to pull out the Aqua Net and pose on a sexy Corvette.

"Lady Marmalade" by Labelle. The newer version, featuring Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Mya, was hot, but the original still packs one hell of a sexy punch. Excellent song for role-playing and straight up getting down and dirty.

"Honky Tonk Women" by The Rolling Stones. The Stones have always been full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but this song combines all three in a deliciously sexy song. It's a great song outside the bedroom, and inside? Well, it's smokin' hot.

"Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye. There's nothing quite like the sensual crooning of Marvin Gaye to get your hips grinding and your body all ready for a romp in the sack.

What sexy songs do YOU recommend to get us all hot and bothered?


Image via basykes/Flickr

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