Jennifer Love Hewitt's Boobs Must Make Her a Vixen in the Bedroom

jennifer love hewittI know of Jennifer Love Hewitt for three reasons: Party of Five (she taught me everything I know about hiding my hands in my sleeves), Can't Hardly Wait (I bought myself a blue tank immediately after viewing), aaaaand, well, her boobies (who could ignore those jugga monsters?). Needless to say, I'm a fringe fan of hers who appreciates her body of work, and her body, and now that she's told Maxim that her favorite body part is her breasts, I respect the woman even more.

Any woman who's confident in her own skin and acknowledges her awesome assets is going to ooze sexiness, regardless of how big her boobs are or aren't. It's all about a positive self-image.


I'm sure even someone as gorgeous as J.L.H. has hang-ups about her body -- maybe some cellulite here or some less-than-toned skin there -- but it sounds like she's got the self-assurance to know what her strengths are and plays to them. She's got a huge rack and instead of being shy about it, it seems that she embraces their power.

And does so without external reinforcement. She said, "It might sound so stupid, but guys do not hit on me. I'm not really sure why." I mean, I know why. It's because she's way too hot for them and is rich and famous, but still, it's really cool to learn that her sexiness and confidence come from within.

And for those of us who are less endowed than Jennifer and don't find our boobs to be our best feature, there's certainly something else that we can feel good about. A male friend of mine, when asked what part of the body he liked most on a woman, replied, Uh, all and any, especially when it's naked.

I don't want to say he speaks for all dudes everywhere, but I think the gist is the same. If you like your arms, g'head girl, wear that tube top. Got skinny ankles? Cover them up in boots and I will kill you. Flat abs? If you're not walking around in a see-through tee and a black bra, you might as well just grow a beer gut. Point is, show off what you love about yourself, feel awesome about it, and the sexiness will shine from the inside out.

What's your sexiest body part?

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