New Dating Site Tells You Why Your Ex Hates You

you suckI can't even begin to guess how many dating sites there are out there. I think there are even dating sites for people who hate dating sites. It's ludicrous. But this latest one -- the one where you can explain via checklist why you never want to see the person you went out with again -- could be the most insane of all.

The site is called Wot Went Wrong, and basically it's a network for the most masochistic and self-loathing of daters. How it works is it allows the dumpee to send the dumper a pre-crafted message, asking, well, "what went wrong?" The site then provides a lovely list of turn-offs for the dumper to check off -- oh, you know, things like “Sex drive is too low,” “Incompatible tastes in music,” “Bad breath,” and “You emasculate me" -- and once completed, sends the list back to the masochist inquirer.

And then the inquirer, in turn, swears off dating for the rest of his or her life and commits themselves to a lifetime of solitude.


Everybody has wondered at some point in their lives why what seemed like a promising romance just fizzled (or stopped calling). It happens to the best of us, and as cliche as it is, it really is for the best. Yeah, it's a blow to the ego, but it gives us a little time for some self-introspection, and it helps us figure out what we like and don't like in others. Not everything needs to be spelled out for us. Sometimes a little mystique is good.

Hearing, or reading, why we suck no holds barred isn't a positive thing for anybody's dating life. Or their non-dating lives. There are enough crappy things in the world already -- and enough things telling us, directly or indirectly, we suck already. We don't need another one. Getting dumped is hard as it is -- hearing a dissertation as to why will only make things worse. Let us go on thinking "it's you, not us." And let us go on thinking our breath is minty-fresh.

Would you want to know exactly why somebody dumped you?


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