'Hilarious' Wedding Mishap Will Make You Cringe (VIDEO)

Anyone who has ever had a mid-sized wedding can tell you that something will inevitably go wrong on the big day. Your cake will not be the way you planned, your flowers will fall flat, or some groomsman will hit on some bridesmaid (maybe that was just MY wedding). Anyway, most of the time, we don't care. We are just happy to be getting hitched.

One bride, however, might feel a little differently. This bride took a cork to the face on HER wedding day.

The video that shows the incident is below:


I am sure some see this video and laugh. But not me. No way. I see this video and I think of all the times in my life we have opened champagne -- birthdays, weddings, baby showers, any celebration -- and I cringe. This is why I duck and cover whenever that cork is coming off.

People always tease me and tell me no one EVER takes a cork to the face. Well, they are wrong now.

In all seriousness, like anything else that can go wrong on a bride's wedding day, this one will be funny in retrospect. The bride isn't seriously injured (though she does look shocked), and the couple likely carried on to drink their champagne.

It's the rest of us who will never forget. Personally, I may never open champagne again with the same confidence I once had. This video has ruined all that for me. I am not really a fan of videos where people get hurt and everyone laughs, but this bride seems like she is fine, so go ahead and laugh. But also take cover when someone is opening champagne.

Did this video make you laugh or cringe?


Image via kinglovelyofficial/YouTube

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