Alleged Robber Called Victim to Ask Her Out on a Date (VIDEO)

john jardiniGetting propositioned by weirdos is par for the course when you're a woman. If you put yourself out there enough or you happen to live in a big city, it's basically unavoidable. But what happened to a girl in Pittsburgh a few days ago is beyond the usual insanity we ladies have to deal with. 

A 26-year-old man, John Jardini, was ordered held for trial today on a robbery charge. Police say that Jardini asked a young woman for her number while she was waiting for her mother near a bus stop, then robbed her of $60. After that, he proceeded to call his victim from his cell phone, not once -- but twice, asking if she had a boyfriend and if she wanted to go out with him. I know ... insane!

And somehow, it gets worse.


Post-robbery and proposition, Jardini happened to bump into the young woman and her mother at a nearby convenience store, where he assaulted them. Oh. My. God. Totally bizarre and terrible.

Geeze, and you thought that the last guy who asked you out or took you out was a total creeper! Unfortunately, stories like these sure do make you think twice about how to react when a stranger flirts with or hits on you. I've definitely had my share of dates that I thought could end in some sort of disaster or criminal charges (that's what you get for dating like it's your job in L.A. and NYC!), but thank goodness that was never ever truly the case. This guy seems to be seriously disturbed -- thank goodness the cops caught him.

Here's the local news report about the crazy series of events ...



What the heck do you think this guy was thinking? Have you ever been hit on in a totally creepy way?


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