Bethenny Frankel Should Try 'Liking' Her Husband

bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy make me kind of sad. Judging by the last few episodes of Bethenny Ever After, and what I've read about them online -- which, come on, has to be rock solid info -- they don't seem very happy. No longer do we see the googly-eyed lovebirds, always flirting and talking about their future. All that's there now is a frustrated, tired old couple, who seem to have perfected the arts of nit-picking, bickering, and venting behind the other's back. (Particularly Bethenny.)

The reason this makes me sad isn't because I have a serious emotional investment in them as a couple (okay, that's a small part of why it makes it sad). It makes me sad because, dude, they've only been together for about three years. Three years in you're supposed to still be obsessed.


I understand that Bethenny and Jason don't have a typical relationship -- and didn't have a typical courting period. They met, quickly got pregnant, got married, and have been dealing with Bethenny's booming business ever since. It's a lot more pressure than, say, the first three years of my relationship with my husband, where our biggest dilemma was where we should go to eat.

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But still. It seems too early in for things to be going the way they are for them. From what I've seen, it mainly seems like it's Bethenny's doing, but it's like they don't even appreciate each other at all. It sometimes seems like Jason is just there to support Bethenny and all her endeavors, and she even gets annoyed with him for doing that.

I can't even begin to comprehend how busy Bethenny is. But I do know that she's not putting enough time and energy into her marriage. And if she doesn't start soon, there's a good chance it'll disintegrate. And that would be a shame, because at one point, Jason seemed to be the only thing that really made her happy.

Check out a video that talks about how Bethenny and her husband "don't even like each other." Her words.

Do you think Bethenny and Jason are heading into dangerous territory? Do you think she's nice to him?

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