Christie Brinkley and Ex Act Like Babies in Endless Divorce Saga (VIDEO)

christie brinkleyChristie Brinkley and her ex-husband Peter Cook have been locked in a grotesque battle for what seems to be an award for who can act the most scummiest in a divorce, and it's been neck and neck since the papers were signed in 2008. Christie and Peter divorced four years ago, yet still find ways to try and either piss each other off and/or extract money.

To that end, Christie's been in court recently alleging that Peter's been sending her harassing emails. Instead of changing her email address and trying to move on with her life, Christie is seeking $5,000 for each of his 28 nasty notes.


The judge agreed to that, so looks like Pete's going to be out $140,000 for his typity type type email problem. But! But. Peter, not one to take anything lying down, says that Christie should also be fined $5,000 per badgering correspondence, and says that her total for such is around $200,000. Touche.

I couldn't care less how these two want to divvy up their money or waste their not-so-precious time in court. The whole thing is just sad and somewhat despicable -- watching two adults acting like the wicked stepsisters from Cinderella, My sash! My beads! is terribly nauseating. It's just like, can everyone take two steps back here and look at what you're doing?

Between the legal fees and the personal fines for tormenting emails, all Brinkley and Cook are taking part of is the Great Money Exchange of 2012. They're not getting any saner, any richer or poorer, and they're not doing themselves, nor their two children, any favors.

They're pretty much the perfect example of how not to handle a divorce or, like, anything, ever, at all. They seem kind of terrible.



What advice would you give Christie and Peter?


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