Men With Beards Should Get More Love

Gael Garcia BernalI just read the results of a study that saddened me greatly. Apparently, women "strongly prefer" men who are clean-shaven to men with beards. What the crap is that poo? Dudes with beards and/or scruff are way sexier than dudes without. So, I guess, maybe I should be happy that the majority of ladies want their men hairless. More bearded dudes for me!

The research was done in New Zealand and Samoa. Two-hundred women were shown pictures of 19 men -- with and without beards -- and, yep, the beardless wonders won by a landslide.

I wonder if there's any way I can find out who these 200 women are, get in touch with them, and explain to them how they're wrong. Would that be weird?


I've always liked men with a little scruff. And, honestly, I just assumed that everyone else did, too. There's something super manly and sexy about a guy who "just couldn't find the time to shave" -- even if he is sporting a perfectly-crafted (perfectly-deliberate) 5:00 shadow. I like to think that he was chopping wood all morning and lost track of time or something -- even if he is in the middle of Brooklyn, one of the most-beards per capita city in the U.S.

I'm yet to see a man with a little bit of scruff and think, "Hmph, he'd look so much better if he just shaved that thing off." Brad Pitt at the Oscars? Better with a beard. Prince William? Way better with a beard. Gael Garcia Bernal? Better with scruff. (Yes, I'm thinking of that new, weird Gillette commercial with him, Adrian Brody, and Andre 3000.) Bottom line = facial hair is a good thing. On men.

Perhaps my penchant for scruffy faces makes me a bit more old-fashioned than I've fancied myself to be -- the whole manly man/damsel in distress thing. But there really isn't a damn thing I can do about it. I'm a sucker for beards. 4 life.

Do you prefer men clean-shaven, bearded, or scruffy? Or all of the above?


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