Husband Should Have Filed for Divorce Before Big Lotto Win

moneyA couple in Indiana has found themselves in quite the pickle. Ericka Prather and Chris Proffitt have been married since 2008, but estranged for years. The couple hasn't been living together, either, and their two children live with Ericka. It sounds like your classic tale of a failed relationship on the verge of a divorce but then, then! things get really interesting.

One afternoon, Chris calls Ericka and is all, Um, can we hurry this whole divorce thing along? And she's all, Why? Did you win the lottery or something? And he's all, Yeah, big time.


He didn't just win the lottery, Chris won the lottery. He scored $34.5 million in the Hoosier Lotto Jackpot. You can understand why things are getting kind of hairy.

Now, Ericka's got a lawyer and is claiming that she's entitled to half his money. If you're wondering why this is starting to sound familiar, it's kind of like what happened in that Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz movie What Happens in Vegas, except Ericka and Chris aren't as good looking, and there's no Lake Bell character to provide some much needed comedic relief.

Fact is, they're married. So ... under the law ... looks like Ericka could be getting one amazing pay day. It's not necessarily fair to Chris, but let this be a lesson to everyone out there who's putting off signing those divorce papers. You could win the lotto tomorrow and have to give your not-so-better half half of your oh-so-better fortune.

So get out the pens, people, and start getting some ink down on paper lest Lady Luck pays you some sort of twisted visit before you're unmarried.

Would you go after half of your estranged husband's lotto winnings?


Photo via gtorelly/Flickr

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