Real Life 30-Year-Old Virgins Are Missing Best Part of Life

In the movies, a 40-Year-Old Virgin is something to laugh about and mock, but in real life, most people assume they don't exist (they do!). Rather than mock the ones who do exist, many men (and women) fear them. In fact, women who are virgins and in their 30s exist and they are as normal as you and me. Except that they haven't had sex. 

The Daily Mail interviewed several such virgins, and though their reasons were as varied as the women themselves, the end result is the same. Women who are in their mid 30s (and some even older) who have never had sex.

It's an interesting phenomenon, and while religious beliefs or personality disorders may play a role, fear is also another major player. Many cited their fears of STDs and other such issues as a reason to not lay down and boogie. It makes perfect sense. But it's also kind of sad.


Sex is a big deal and it's often taken far too lightly in our culture. It's a big deal because it can make a baby. It's a big deal because one can get STDs. It's a big deal because of love and emotions and all kinds of ties and obligations. But it's a big deal in a good way, too.

It's a big deal because it's the best way for two people to connect. It's a big deal because being in love is what makes the world go around. So for women in their 30s who are still not having sex, there is a whole chunk of what makes life beautiful that they are simply not experiencing.

It isn't a good thing.

These women aren't experiencing one of the best parts of being a normal, healthy, functioning adult. One woman says she has all the time in the world to have sex with her husband and I see her point. But it's also not true. Life is short. And to miss something so beautiful out of fear is sad, indeed.

It's not that women should lose it in the back of a Chevy just to lose it. Love is a major part of the equation and it's not that these women should compromise themselves or settle. But isn't there a happy medium? By not having sex, the longer it goes, the more it limits their options. There does come a time somewhere down the line when they may simply never have sex. And that is a sad thing, indeed.

Sex is a great part of what makes us human. It's a way to explore our bodies and be close with another person. To miss it is to miss so much. It's very sad.

Do you think being a 30-year-old virgin is weird?


Image via Tropewell/Flickr

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