5 Secrets to Getting It On Once You Become a Parent


kissing coupleSo many people say that once you become a parent, you can forget about having sex ever again. This is somewhat true, but not the forever part. Sure, the first few weeks (months) after having a baby, your nookie time gets replaced with nappy time, but eventually you get your groove back and sexytime gets awesome all over again.

Sort of.

There are challenges. Big, massive hurdles even. But with a little creativity and an open mind, you can do it (yes, actually do IT, too). And dare I say sex might get even kinkier. Here are some secrets to getting it on once you become a mama or papa.


1. Forget going out to dinner; go out to a hotel. In some places, a cheap (but clean) hotel is cheaper than a night out at a fancy restaurant. So when you get a sitter (or grandma to come watch the kids), slip away to that hotel and spend a few hours really enjoying each other. Bonus points if the hotel has a pool. You can have a little sex, a little swim, and then grab a slice of pizza so you aren't hungry when you get home.

2. The garage becomes the place where the magic happens. Sometimes you just can't escape the kids. But when it's naptime or they are busy playing videogames, you can sneak away to a little private place for a quickie. Get dirrrty in the garage! Heck, get it on in any room of the house that the kids can't find you for those oh ... 15 minutes or so.

3. Take a shower together. There are times when you and your hubby are in the bathroom together and one is brushing their teeth while the other is shaving (or whatever). Stop wasting time with those little details (okay DO make sure you brush your teeth), but seize the moment! Get naked, get in the shower, and love all over each other.

4. Take advantage of alone time when family is over. You know when you have relatives over and the house gets crowded and grandma is playing with your kids and you can easily go for a little stroll? Do that! With your partner. Maybe you have a shed in the yard, maybe you live in a woodsy area, maybe you'll even need to hop in the car and go for a drive and get it on while on the hood of your car on a deserted dirt road.

5. Use your creativity. There are many, many little moments where you can seduce your partner. It doesn't always have to be about penetrative sex. To keep your connection with your love after you have kids, you can hold hands, give each other massages ... you know, things you can do in front of other people without putting on a porno show. But there are also things you can do while no one is looking. Things like a little friskiness with your hands under the table, neck bites and kisses while someone is doing the dishes, sexy text messages -- get creative! You can also refer to these five ways to have sex without having sex. This keeps the LOVE alive until you have the free time to get it on in your bed again. Which, for some, may never happen. But who needs a bed to have sex anyway?

Have you tried any of these? Would you? What's your secret to staying connected and finding time for sex after you became a parent?


Image via Grafik Mekanik/Flickr

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