6 Totally Obvious Signs It's a Great Relationship

You're in love. Of that there is no doubt. The two of you are like peas and carrots together. There's nothing you don't love about the other (well, okay, his habit of putting the toilet paper roll on THE WRONG WAY is kinda annoying, but you know). You spend all the time you can together. You may even talk marriage.

So, what are the signs you're (finally) in a healthy relationship? I'll tell you.


1) You can be your true selves together. No longer do you have to pretend to love Chinese food or weird obscure foreign films -- you're totally happy saying, "You know what? I'm not into this" while knowing this won't affect a thing between you.

2) You're have your own space and time to yourself. Sure you want to spend every minute together -- but you know that you each need your own space. You can respect that without feeling insecure, hurt, or otherwise jealous of his "me time."

3) You forgive each other for mistakes. Mistakes happen to even the very best of us. And most mistakes are forgivable. Because you can accept that the other is human, and therefore makes mistakes, you're perfectly okay with forgiving the other.

4) You're comfortable sharing just about anything. Anything from the annoying Starbucks barista to the type of chips you had with lunch -- you share it all. You don't hide yourself -- your true self -- from the other.

5) You respect each other's individuality. No two people are alike. We're all just a little bit different. Sure, maybe he loves country and you love rock-n-roll, but that doesn't mean you need to call the whole thing off. Individuality is what makes us interesting.

6) The chemistry between you is incredible. Now, sex isn't the basis of your relationship or anything, but you two are like peanut butter and jelly in bed. Oh wait ... maybe that wasn't a good analogy.

What are some other signs that your relationship is fabulously awesome?


Image via thepinkpeppercorn/Flickr

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