6 Completely Outdated Relationship Rules You Should Ignore

Seems like there's a zillion and a HALF relationship rules to follow. Do this, don't do that, always do this, never do that. It can leave even the most experienced of those of us who date with our heads whirling.

The first step in finding the good ones to follow is to weed out the bad. I've brought you a list of the most antiquated of them all out there - so you can cross 'em off your list.

Here are 6 of the most outdated relationship rules that we need to kick to the curb.


1) Playing hard to get and making a man chase you. I'm not suggesting that we women throw ourselves at the feet of a potential suitor and beg and plead that he take us out! No one wants to be a Pity Date. Guys don't dig the whole thrill of the chase - they want to KNOW if you're into them. So playing hard to get? That's SO last century.

2) The man is responsible for paying on dates - always. Ladies, it's 2012! We're strong, independent women with careers, apartments, cars - there's no reason we can't go halfsies on a date - or take turns paying. SO outdated!

3) Make him make the first move. So you had a really great date - dinner was superb, the movie was hilarious and you're pretty sure you're digging on him. But ... he doesn't lean in for a kiss. DO IT YOURSELF, LADIES! There's not a single reason you should wait for the guy to make the first move.

4) PDA is tacky (sort of). Okay, well this one is partially true. I don't need to sit at dinner across from a couple with their hands in each other's pants, but why not kiss when you feel like it? Why not grab the moment - even in the middle of a crowd - and take it? Do it! Just reserve bedroom romps for the bedroom.

5) You must be married to live together. This is such an outdated dating rule that I'm pretty sure dust is falling from my fingers as I type this. There is no reason two people who love each other shouldn't cohabitate! In fact, living together is good preparation for marriage!

6) You can't ask a guy out. Now please tell me that none of you are still following this antiquated silly old adage. There's no reason you have to be coy about what you want. If you want to get together with a guy, SAY SO. Men love women to be upfront with them. So just do it.

So, ladies and gents, what are some other ancient dating rules we should ignore?


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