Stacy Keibler Shouldn’t Kiss George Clooney and Tell

stacy keibler george clooneyIt's common knowledge that Stacy Keibler, former professional wrestler, and George Clooney, current most powerful actor in the world, are an item. It's also fairly common to not totally understand why this is.

Yes, they're both terribly attractive people, and yes, both seem like perfectly nice humans, but something about them -- at least to me and people I've spoken with -- just doesn't make sense.

When I think of George, I think refinement and sophistication. I think villas on Lake Como. I think cigar and brandy filled evenings talking about homeland security. I think, I dunno, fancy stuff. When I think of Stacy Keibler, which, truth be told, is less often than George Clooney, my mind does not go to that sort of stuff. It goes to a less uppity place; it goes to a place I can actually relate to. And now I think I know why -- 'cause she does things like tweet what a good kisser he is.

You don't date George Clooney and tweet what a good kisser he is.


I'm not saying Stacy should change who she is for George -- no girl should do that for any dude (except maybe George Clooney) -- but she should try to resist the urge to tweet intimate details about their relationship. That's so ... Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I mean, George Clooney doesn't even have a Twitter account. He might not even know what Twitter is, what with all his jet-setting and bathing in vats of Cristal. She should play it a little more cool. You don't want to be all "I'M DATING GEORGE CLOONEY!!! OMG!!! LOL! ROFL!!!" when you're dating George Clooney.

I guess on the other hand, though, this could be exactly what George needs -- someone who is super down to earth, someone who remembers what it's like to wait in a line, someone who tweets. But, let's be honest, probably not.

Check out George and Stacy out to dinner. They sure are attractive:

Do you think George and Stacy will last?


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