Horrifying Text Exchange Proves Texting Is Very Bad for Dating

Texting is a godsend for a married mom. My husband and I go back and forth about his work day, what we need from the grocery store, how the kids are doing, and what we are having for dinner. But that isn't all we use it for. Texting has given us the ability to quickly, quietly, and privately flirt a little during the day, too. In a long-term relationship, like a marriage, texting is amazing. In dating, on the other hand, it can be a disaster.

Last week, BuzzFeed ran a feature on the craziest dating text message I have ever seen. After one date, the woman in these texts goes completely off the rails and starts telling her date that she felt a connection, he needs to stop lying to her, and that she is lonely without him. You have to read it to believe it.

Now, even if BuzzFeed's text is just an urban legend, the truth is texting can be a disaster in an early relationship.


People tend to lament technology and everything it has taken away from romance. There are no love letters, no poetry, and no songs being written by young lovers any more. Now it's all throwaway texts in acronym form -- "Thx for the gr8 d8. TTYL!" Ah, romance at its finest.

But even worse, texting can be immediate and sometimes impulsive even in a way that email never has been. Somehow, even though it lacks the personal attention of a handwritten note, I am always more thought out in an email than a text. After all, the whole point of texting is to be brief and to the point to save time, right?

It can be a disaster for newly dating couples. Things can be misinterpreted and it's far (FAR!) too easy to exercise that texting thumb after consuming alcohol. This is almost always a recipe for disaster.

It's like drunk dialing, but way, way worse because it's permanent and easier. It's also hard for your friends to stop you because it's impossible to see what you are doing. Overall, it's just not a great plan.

If you are dating someone, use texting sparingly and pick up the phone or email. Trust me, when you are a month down the line, confused by something he said and out drinking with your girlfriends, you will be happy you have a no/low text policy. It will save you much embarrassment the next day.

Do you think texting is good or bad in relationships?


Image via Zawezome/Flickr

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