Kate Gosselin May Finally Land a Man if She Stops Doing This (VIDEO)

kate gosselinOh, man. Have you guys heard the latest whine-fest from Kate Gosselin? Because Mama Kate poured her heart out to Dr. Drew this week about her divorce, and it's pretty obvious that she's still bearing a lot of the emotional scars that Jon Gosselin left behind when their marriage crumbled.

And of course, the main theme of her whole teary rant basically just plays up the fact that she's lonely, and she doesn't know if she'll ever find love again. Awww. Does anyone else hear the violins playing? (I didn't think so.)


To give an example of why she feels so lonely, Kate cited the fact that her evenings consist of cleaning up her house, getting her eight children into bed, and then just sitting there. Huh. I'm a married woman, and that really doesn't sound too much different from what I do on a nightly basis. Well, except for the fact that I only have one kid, and although I do tend to just sit on the couch after he's asleep, my husband is usually sitting on the other end of it.

Honestly, sitting alone in a quiet house sounds kind of like a dream come true! It's certainly not something that makes me feel sorry for Kate, that's for sure. And as for being worried about finding the right guy who can deal a woman who has eight kids and a not-so-great ex-husband, Kate said that she thinks the "odds are stacked against her."

Oh boo-hoo. Don't get me wrong, Kate has really taken kind of a beating in the past and it's not a huge shock that dating right now is kind of a challenge for her. But does she really think that going on TV and crying and whining about not being able to find the right guy is actually going to land her a man?

Because odds are good that her little meltdown is going to have the opposite effect. What man in his right mind would watch that interview and say to himself, "Wow, now that's a woman I'd like to go out with. She's a total catch. Doesn't seem needy at all." Yeah -- I think it's pretty safe to say that her little appearance probably scared off any potential suitors.

Instead of focusing on what is missing from her life, Kate should instead be concerned with getting back on her feet emotionally, and setting a good example for her kids by showing them that mommy is just fine without a man. I mean -- anyone who can successfully parent eight kids without going completely insane has a hell of a lot of strength, and she really shouldn't discredit herself or make herself appear weaker by whining on television.

You can hear more of Kate's interview in the video below.

Do you feel sorry for Kate Gosselin?


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