Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Shouldn't Give Into the Pressure to Marry

angelina jolie and brad pittWhen Extra asked Angelina Jolie if she and Brad Pitt would get married now that Prop 8 has been overturned in California, Angie responded with a smile and a "maybe." So yeah, there you have it. Brangelina might be tying the knot after seven years of dating and six children together. They've famously stated that they wouldn't make it official until everyone was allowed to and Brad's said that the kids have been asking why Mommy and Daddy aren't married ... so maybe the pressure to wed is finally wearing them down.

But whatever they decide to do -- to get married or to not -- I hope they stay true to themselves and ignore everyone else who's pushing for a Jolie Pitt union, including their kids.


I just feel like there's no one who should influence your decision about when or who to marry. Everyone and their mother have an opinion about it regardless whether or not you're the world's biggest celebrity, and a lot of couples get inundated with unsolicited advice that can be at best annoying, at worst totally confusing.

If an adult couple wants to get married, they should do so for their own happiness and for no other reason. As soon as you tie the knot to please anyone or anything else -- maybe a nagging mother, a desire to fit in, pressures because of your age, the fact that you have kids together -- it's a recipe for disaster.

I'm not suggesting that Brad and Angelina would ONLY GET MARRIED BECAUSE THEIR KIDS TOLD THEM TO, I'm just saying that if anyone decides to make one of the most personal and long-lasting decisions of their lifetime based on anything other than their own intuition, things could go wrong.

Did you feel any outside pressure to get married?


Photo via mitutoria/Flickr

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