Jessica Biel's Engagement Ring Isn't Worth Our Attention

jessica biel and justin timberlakeWhen Justin Timberlake popped the question to Jessica Biel over the holidays, there was a lot of skepticism floating around out there. But just when you thought it might be silly gossip, and that the pop star-turned-actor wasn't actually about to trade in his bachelorhood, his grandmother came out and confirmed the happy news. Still, for the past couple of months, eyebrows have been raised over the absence of one big thing: The engagement ring! Jessica Biel's pretty little ring finger has been devoid of a sparkly diamond, and tongues have been clucking about what a MIA ring might mean ...

Well, finally, after much ado, the evasive engagement ring made its debut over the weekend at the SNL afterparty. Wheeew. Now we know the lovebirds haven't been bluffing! But come on, people. Does the ring really have to mean that much?


In other words, do we really need to see a rock in order to believe that a couple is serious about taking a cruise down the aisle? Furthermore, are some of us still guilty of thinking -- albeit subconsciously -- that the diamond itself is somehow matched to the man's love, and thus, if a woman has a smaller one or nothing at all, she must have a total schlub for a fiance? (I've got two words for anyone who seriously buys into that cringe-worthy fable: Marketing gimmick.)

It seems that overall, we tend to forget that the "experience" of an engagement ring should be completely personal and tailored to a couple. For instance, one woman might squawk at the idea of wearing a sapphire or ruby instead of a diamond, while another would much prefer one of those stones over a diamond. Likewise, there are women who are happy to pass on a ring altogether and go on an African safari with the moolah instead. And that's her -- and her fiance's -- prerogative. Every couple should be entitled to profess their commitment however they see fit.

Plus, there are tons of reasons why a woman might decide against wearing her engagement ring, even when saying "Yes!" was recent. I'd suspect Jessica was having it sized, or perhaps JT proposed sans ring and they waited until they were back in L.A. to pick it out together. Who knows, but more importantly ... what does it matter? If two people are happily in love and say they plan to wed, we should take them at their word -- bling or no bling.

Do you think it's weird if a bride-to-be isn't wearing a ring?


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